Hair Raising Haunted Place in Noida

Most of the people love to hear the horrible ghost stories or visiting the places that raise their hair with great fear and horror. If you want to enjoy the experience having suspense then Noida Tourism is best for you.

Noida is a modern city popular for offering the full of contemporary living with real luxury and world-class facilities of modernization. Being the cosmopolitan city, today it has emerged out as best tourist destination. Famous for rapidly growing real estate sector, industrial and residential building appearance, the city grabs the attention of thousands of tourists with the allure of its beautiful sightseeing.

The fastest developing hub of different industries most popularly known as “the sister city of national capital Delhi” has many haunted place where one get the thrilling and horrible experience.

Another reason why Noida becomes the choice of tourists is supernatural and ghostly encounters experienced in the city. If you want to know about the places that have presence of deadly spirit then read on this article.

Given below are spookiest places in and around Noida that will make you cry out with fear by bring the ghostly feeling.

Phoenix Shoe Factory:

The old shoe factory was an earning source for poor women in earlier days. It serves as a helping hand to those ladies who were not able to lead a proper living and run their family because of financial crises. Based on reports, the factory took up the lives of around 2000 working women and their babies in a large fire accident. All the people present in the factory burned to death. Like to fun some laser time with Gurgaon russian escorts , Delhi Russian Escorts , Noida russian Escorts call me soon.

Since that day, the factory is considered to be haunted by screams of dead women and children on a regular basis. Many renovations have been made after the accident by management to get rid from the extremely laud and horrible wailings but nothing proves useful. The painful screams of dead person are still heard here.  

Noida Tour and Travels mentioned Phoenix Shoe Factory the Noida’s most haunted place.

Khooni Darwaza

The historical monument constructed in the region of Sher Shah Suri is considered among top haunted place in Noida. William Hodson shot three sons of Bahadur Shah Zafar (last Mughal Emperor) in earlier time. According to reports of people, it is believed that screaming voice of these dead people hears during the nighttime hours. Many people have noted that blood of these three sons dripping down from the ceilings during monsoon season.  

KC-19, Kavi Nagar

A creepy house KC19 bungalow has a real black history. Two families living in a grisly fashion were murdered in the home. Odd screams and laughing voice of children are said to be heard coming from the house. It is believed that the ghostly things become active during the nighttime hours.

N3 Building, HCL

Facebook, twitter and various social media channels are riled by the haunting and ghostly activities occur in the HCL corner of building N3. From women who saw blood literally dripping from the walls, disembodied push on back to tender ghost touch, many otherworldly instances occurring over this spookiest place. These four haunted place in Noida are known to face a series of ghostly events such as running of dead person, screaming and etc that shake a person with fear.   Like to fun some laser time with Gurgaon russian escorts , Delhi Russian Escorts , Noida russian Escorts call me soon.

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