Is Juice can Overtake the Qualities of Pure and Clean Water

Of Couse, Raw vegetables and Fruits are good for health and we should include them in our diet. However, some people consider this statement in some other way and prefer fruit juice over fruits and salad. As, gulping down a glass of juice from juice corner can increase your calories. Do you know a single glass of fruit juice is loaded with calories in the form of sugar added into it?  And, consumed calories cause weight gain which is not at all good for health. Drink a glass of pure water every morning for good health not the juice. 

Water is better than flavoured drinks or juice 

Even the nutritionist/dietician prescribe drinking a glass of water to rehydrate the body.  No doubt, juices are healthier than diet sodas and energy drinks, still, you can’t avoid the goodness of pure and clean water. Instead of hogging on fruit juice, it is advisable to take a balanced diet followed by 8-10 glasses of water.  According to health studies, pure water flushes out the stomach and balances the lymphatic system. It is absolutely essential for living to consume a pure form of water.  And, to get the pure form of water, you should have top-rated RO at home. Explore the aquafresh RO price and read out review and bring the best purification system at home to keep yourself and your family hydrated.


The studies show multiple reasons to have adequate glasses of water over the juices:

  • Reduce down the Calories

Water is free of calories and a person can drink it as much as he/she wants. On the other hand, fruit juice contains calories in the form of added sugar. So, it is suggested to drink a glass of juice in a day and 8-10 glasses of water in a day.

  • Water Hydrates the body well

Old people used to say that “Pani ka Kaam Pani Karega”. No matter what all drinks you have, nothing can hydrate your body except water.

  • Water flushes out Toxins

Juice is just to fill your stomach or add dietary supplements to your body.  Water is an unbeatable source to flush out toxins from our body. Water is an effective cleanser and your body needs it for proper functioning of organs. Thus, it is very important to have a water purifier at home that supply water 24X7.  Check out the RO water purifier price in India and install the best one in your home and offices to remain fit and healthy.  


 Eating Raw vegetables and fruits or intaking glass of juices are good to some extent as they provide nutrients to your body. But, as per the experts, water cannot be replaced with any drink. So, if you really don’t want to succumb then drink an adequate amount of water to stay hearty and hale. Check out the latest technologies and water purifier online price so that you can get 100 percent pure and soft water.

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