Lock the impurities of water with an advanced Water Purification System

Regardless of source, the tap water looks clear but contains millions of diseases borne bacteria and cysts. It contains microscopic organisms that can cause diarrhoea, cholera, intestinal infections and other diseases. The survey has proven that high TDS levels and microscopic organisms are injurious to health.  The people of India can contact the nearest dealers or reliable online portal to get the best purifier at home.

Drinking 8-10 glasses of water flushes out the impurities but that should be of best quality. Different people have different option some thought that boiling water is enough while other thought that tube-well contain the fresh water. Boiling water can kill the microbes but doesn’t remove the pesticide, physical impurities and dangerous chemical. The best source to get the quality water is RO water purifier that includes Reverse Osmosis process but the UV and UF Filtration process as well.

Many families are checking the aquafresh RO price to keep their family free from water-borne disease. But, with the market flooded, do you think it will be easy to find the reliable and trustworthy brand.  A little bit research and product rating will help you to buy the best water purifier.

The first and foremost thing is to identify the TDS level of your water supply. After identifying your needs buy RO online as multiple technologies are available in the market: 

Reverse Osmosis – This technique works best where water is hard, the high TDS level can cause serious health problems. The water purifier reduces the TDS level and improves its taste and purity. RO allows cross filtration of water and impurities are locked in the membrane. The impure water flushes out from one way and we get the clean water via nozzle.

UV – this type of purifiers works well where the source of water supply is river or lake and TDS level is less than 500mg. These types of purifiers contain the lamp that generates UV rays and kills the microorganisms by altering their DNA. This technique destroys about 99.99% of all micro-organisms that can make you ill!

Carbon Adsorption- this is another way of purification of water as it improves water quality by removing taste and odors. Though, it is not effective on heavy metals, hardness and TDS. Still, it improves the impurities to high extent. This process is controlled by the diameters of pores present in the carbon filters.

Identify your requirement and buy RO online that includes the advanced technologies and mechanisms like RO membrane with UV filter. RO membrane and UV filter both can improve the purity and lock the chemical and impurities.   

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